1. Yoga Moves Hot at Yoga Moves Oost

The name gives it away; our first tip is a hot yoga workout. It is a hatha workout in a heated room of 40 degrees with infrared lamps. According to Yoga Moves Oost, during this workout you will work and refresh your entire body, cultivating balance, strength and flexibility. In addition, your skin will feel vibrant and fresh and your whole body will glow. The cold ain’t got nothing on us!

2. Power Pole at Studio Aeris

You thought we were gonna name three hot yoga workouts, did you? Well, you’re wrong. Numero dos is a real pole dancing workout! Yeah, because pole dancing is very hothothot. And yes, that’s ambiguous. The workout at Studio Aeris is called Power Pole because it’s quite a tough workout in which you’ll do strength exercises in and with the pole. That’s why some experience is required. Go and release the hottest version of yourself.

3. FatBurn! at Sportcentrum Olympos

Burn, baby, burn! Unfortunately, this workout has nothing to do with disco, except that it’s on music (for those who didn’t notice, this was a reference to Disco Inferno). But if you’re lucky, you might hear a disco song or two at Sportcentrum Olympos. Anyway… This workout aims to burn fat and make your whole body stronger. You can count on your stomach, buttocks and legs to burn as hell during this workout. Hey, you wanted to stay warm, right?