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Access top locations. From yoga to fitness and boot camp to swimming. Unlimited.

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Working out together is more fun. Motivate your friends and get fit together.

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Questions about the free trial?

When does my trial start?

Your trial starts right after you've signed up for it. You can work out the same day!

What does my trial include?

With your free trial you'll get the full OneFit experience. That means you'll get access to all locations we've partnered up with in your city. You can work out unlimited. The only rule that applies, is that you can work out max 4 times per location. You'll need the OneFit app to book your classes or find location where you can drop in for a workout on your own. You'll always have to check in at the location to confirm that you're attending a class or visiting this location. You can have 6 reservations at a time.

The free trial runs for 14 days. After that, your trial will automatically renew into a membership. If you don't want to auto-renew your membership, you can cancel this easily with one click in the app. There's no need to contact customer service, unless you prefer this type of communication.

Why do you need my credit card information?

There are a few reasons why we ask you for your credit card information:
1. We use it to verify your account because the trial is limited to one trial per person
2. If you decide to get your membership going, we'll be charging your credit card with the membership fee.

Does my trial auto-renew?

Yes. You can cancel the auto-renewal with just one click up until the last day of your trial - the 14th day. You can find this option under 'account settings' in the app.

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