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Everywhere Gym Bogatell

Passeig Marítim del Port Olímpic , 08005, Barcelona

Everywhere Gym is the first Urban Outdoor Fitness Club. We believe that running outdoors with trees around you is not the same as running on a treadmill surrounded by four walls. We want to connect with the sun, the rain, the beach and the mountain while we also enjoy our urban environment.

The training sessions are outdoors and in groups. These classes are directed, and are carried out in different areas of the city and at flexible times. We have developed a formula with which you can combine the best elements of physical activity with the advantages of music for your mental well-being. We provide wireless headphones so you can immerse yourself 100% in the session. Choose the area, time and session that best suits you.

Urban Outdoor Fitness is a movement that goes beyond physical exercise. It is a call to enjoy getting in shape, being more connected with the community and the city and having as an ally the new technologies for a better future.

We want to be part of the change. And we would love for you to join too.


It is important to inform so that the trainers know that one more person is coming. It is a must to bring water and a towel. If you suffer from any kind of injury or difficulty, it is important that you let the trainer know so it can adapt the exercises for you. The most important thing is that you come with a great attitude to have a nice time and get in shape.

We train at Passeig Marítim de la Nova Icària 38, in front of the Nova Icaria and Bogatell beach. Next to the Bogatell breakwater

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    Passeig Marítim del Port Olímpic , 08005, Barcelona

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