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Art Meditation Room

Calle Boix y Morer 10, 28003, Madrid

How to define Art Meditation Room in a few words? It is not easy, but here we go: it is a very charming studio, located in Vallehermoso, where body, mind and art are reconciled and which invites to explore through artistic disciplines, yoga and meditation. They investigate Pure Art, the art of "emptiness", what happens when you get out of the way and surrender to creation. Frankly... how not to get curious?


In the mornings, parking in the streets is easy, but in the afternoon it is more complicated, but there are paid parking places nearby. If you get off at Metro Canal or Islas Filipinas you are a few minutes away by walk.


  • Cafe / lounge ,
  • Dressing rooms ,
  • WiFi
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      Calle Boix y Morer 10, 28003, Madrid

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