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The Pilates club

Francisco Campos 12, 28002, Madrid

Don't think that Pilates is only for those who are recovering from an injury. Nothing is further from reality, and you can see it live at The Pilates Club, in Cruz del Rayo. They have a studio prepared to teach Pilates with machines, and also in groups of no more than five people, so you can have your share of attention. They follow the criteria set by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance), an organization created to maintain the spirit of the technique designed by Joseph Pilates. Their treatment is very personal and pleasant, it is for all audiences, and you will not get bored in class, they are very dynamic practices. They also offer osteopathy and physiotherapy treatments, and they offer yoga classes. It's what you're looking for... right?


To join the sessions, it is essential to have previousl knowledge of the Pilates machines. If you do not know the method with machines, you must have 4 private classes (€ 100) before joining the group. From Cruz del Rayo metro it's a couple of minutes walk. You can find parking outside rush hours.


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