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Functional Feel Studio

Calle del Barquillo 47, 28004, Madrid

In Functional Feel Studio they want to help you achieve your goals through continuous personal monitoring. They go by with a motto: personalization is the key to achieving your goals. And for this reason, the team will design an action plan you really need and will accompany you so that you can put it into practice. Your personalized planning will be developed in these simple steps: interview to get to know you in depth, assessment session to know what your needs are, and finally, an action plan where you will be exposed to the process to reach your goals. You put in the rest, and you know, when there is teamwork, the results are always better.


To get to the studio by car, keep in mind that it's not easy to park in the street, although there are paid parking lots nearby. It is very easy to get there by public transport, the nearest metro stops are Bilbao and Alonso Martinez. Remember that they give you a towel and in the locker room you will have toiletries you need for a good shower after training.


  • AC
  • Cafe / lounge
  • Dressing rooms
  • Lockers
  • Sauna
  • WiFi
  • Group classes

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