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F.A.S.T Costa Rica

Calle de Costa Rica 15, 28016, Madrid

Leading company in the development of high performance personal training and functional rehabilitation of injuries, using active integral electrostimulation. That's F.A.S.T., in Costa Rica 15, and it is fast, because with this method you'll start to see results after the third or fourth session. Personalization, innovation, passion and excellence define them. This system reduces stress, anxiety, back pain, hypertension... and saves a lot of time. Ideal for you that would add hours to a day.


Please call to make an appointment: 668 57 26 71 / 910 80 94 84
Don't forget to check in via your OneFit app once you are at the studio! :)

The classes are personalized. Through a Biosuit connected to an electro-stimulator and a series of specific exercises, more than 300 muscles are simultaneously stimulated in a globally functional biomechanical work. It is recommended to arrive 10 minutes before the class begins.


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