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Bikram Yoga Spain Barrio Salamanca

CALLE MALDONADO 52, 28006, Madrid

When you think of yoga... what's the first thing that pops into your mind? Well, what you'll find at Bikram Yoga Spain Maldonado is something else. In this studio, you will achieve inner peace through the practice of Bikram Yoga, a creation of the master yogi Bikram Choudhuri, that consists of performing 26 postures of Pantajali Hatha Yoga and two breathing exercises. All done at a temperature of 40 degrees. This way, each session of 90 minutes, will become your best ally to lose weight quickly while you achieve personal happiness. Are you ready to discover one of the most different and original variations of traditional yoga?


To enjoy Bikram Yoga Spain Maldonado you will only need a couple of very simple things: the will to discover this space and comfortable and tight clothes. Seems simple, right? Also, do not forget that the exercises are performed at a temperature of 40 degrees, so you should be well hydrated.
NOTE: Towel and mat are not included but can be rented in the studio for € 1 / item. It is important that the towel is large enough to cover the entire mat.


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