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Alicia Beltran Yoga & Well Being

Caller Guitard 47 local , 08014, Barcelona

LU JONG is an ancient Tibetan practice of energetic yoga where the strength and flexibility of the body are worked, projecting the work, especially in our spine. A very complimentary exercise with other techniques and beneficial in terms of postural repositioning, rehabilitation of the physical body, as well as the calm of our mind.
The facilities are comfortably prepared for you to let go of your backpack and enjoy the session, a very new studio designed with warmth where you practice ancient Tibetan practices and meditation. With a decoration that will help you relax and feel at home.


You do not need any materials, the room has mats, cushions, blankets etc. You just have to bring comfortable clothes and arrive 10 minutes in advance, to enter calmly into the activity. We do not have a bell, the doors always open 10/15 minutes before each class. In case o the door is closed, send us a WhatsApp and we will open the door for you, we want to prevent that you will be knocking at the door!


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