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Open Monday until Friday from 10.00 AM - 17.00 PM
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VitaShape EMS-Training

Lübeckertordamm 2, 20099, Hamburg

Replace your hours-long fitness training with 20 minutes of EMS training in Hamburg - St. Georg.

Are you looking for a modern, highly effective and time-saving way to keep you fit?
Then the EMS training in our studio with the StimaWELL is just right for you!
The superior mid-frequency training system for electronic muscle stimulation offers you a gentle but intense method of getting you into shape quickly and permanently.

EMS training:
The training programs of StimaWell always include different sequences with different types of impulses for optimal training results in the areas of muscle building, back training or figure tightening. This is EMS training on StimaWell is a highly effective whole body workout.

Also very effective is the StimaWELL®-Relax system we use as a unique EMS training system especially for the back. The system's gentle mid-frequency pulses are delivered to the back via an ergonomic 12-channel stimulation mat, which is heated to 40 ° C. The pleasant dynamic deep waves of the StimaWELL® system are perceived as a tapping massage, kneading massage or more - this is how you combine pleasant relaxation with intensive muscle stimulation.


Termine bitte unter der Mailadresse: buchen.

Einfach zu dem vereinbarten Termin gehen und sich vor Ort einchecken.

Pro Termin werden 3 Euro Gebühr für die Nutzung der speziellen EMS-Wäsche fällig.

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    Lübeckertordamm 2, 20099, Hamburg

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