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Open Monday until Friday from 10.00 AM - 17.00 PM
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Neusser Straße (Salznah Salzraum) 30-32, 50670, Köln

- Yoga meets Himalayan Salt -
Flattering moisture and deep calm. When you enter the salt room, your body immediately feels the magic of the salty air of the Himalayas. The walls and floors of the "Salznah" studio in the Agnes quarter in Cologne are made of massive pink Himalayan salt plates. Salty Vinyasa Flow is operated in pleasant fog with high humidity. The combination of the benefits of yoga and halotherapy will give you a powerful experience.

SARA YOGA offers a special program of 70 minutes with the motto "Zen mind = path to rest". In order to actively use the effect of the salts, effective exercises become threefold

Yoga styles combined:
• Vinyasa Flow (active)
• Yin Yoga (calm, meditative and passive yoga)
• breathing exercises

The goal is to achieve balance and harmony of the contrasting energy flows.


The Studio Salznah Cologne is the only salt room in the lively Agnes quarter. From Ebertplatz on foot about 3 minutes in the direction of Agneskirche, you will find the studio on Neusser Straße at "Jaques Wein Depot". Salznah is located in the courtyard, behind the wine shop.

The courses start on time and last 70 minutes. The studio opens 20 minutes before the course begins. The doors are closed during the courses.
In the studio you can borrow a yoga mat and any yoga accessories for free. Please come with comfortable sportswear, your yoga mat (if available) or a bath towel.

Tip: it is advisable to stop eating 2 hours before the yoga class.


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      Neusser Straße (Salznah Salzraum) 30-32, 50670, Köln

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