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Wu Dao- Die Kung-Fu-Schule

Horner Weg, 282, 22111, Hamburg

Wu Dao in Hamburg Horn offers you traditional kung fu and tai chi. The two bright, friendly training rooms with approx. 160 sqm + 100 sqm and the large cozy lounge ensure a pleasant stay.

The millennium old martial arts Kung Fu is part of China's culture. Living wisdom and philosophy permeate the movements. Joie de vivre, self-defense and fitness find their perfect expression in the soft movements. By dealing with your own limits not only your body but also your mind is trained.

Combined with traditional ethics and the rules of martial arts, as a student, you develop a responsible approach to yourself and your environment. This is the big difference between martial arts and martial arts.

The Far Eastern martial arts, unlike the European, are always bound to a kind of codex - the so-called virtues of the martial arts. This includes, but not limited to: perfecting one's character, sincerity and reliability, attention and mindfulness, renunciation of violence. In today's time of disorientation and loss of value, these very virtues should take on a higher status.

Martial arts is a tool for internal and external harmonization, to clarify the mind and strengthen the body and the will, to increase the life energy, extending life and maintaining good health. As a student, you learn about age-old movements, a deep understanding of martial arts, and your values.


The training includes the training of fist and foot techniques as well as training on various traditional Chinese weapons such as the stick, the sword, the lance and the saber. After learning the basic techniques, you can choose from a variety of weapons your own favorite weapon.

A choice of over 300 different hand, weapon, and partner weapon forms ensure that you can immerse yourself deeper and deeper into the matter without losing the fun of training.

The first fifteen minutes of the class you will be doing Qi Gong exercises that have a very healthy effect on our body. You can relax well, switch off from the daily stress and tune in the best way to the following Tai Chi exercises.

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    Horner Weg, 282, 22111, Hamburg

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