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Winterhuder Weg 8, 22085, Hamburg

At Vitalegy you can pursue a full-body workout in a familiar atmosphere with competent trainers and innovative training equipment. Just pick one of the following classes and make an appointment (04028803482):

Vibration training: Vibrations bring you into a swing and in shape. Keep your posture and perform controlled and coordinative exercises to keep your skin firm and your muscles and heart trained! It will take 20 minutes of training, which you will complete with a trainer who motivates and challenges you.

EMS: Sport with electric impulses that train, strengthen and build up the low-lying muscles. A 20-minute workout replaces 2 hours of gym workout. A trainer is there, giving you exercises and correcting your posture so that you can make the most of your workout and start your day in a healthy way.

eGym: An innovative circuit training that adapts individually to your fitness level! The devices are similar to what you may already know, but have a special technology. The machines give you movement speed, range of motion and weights. You only sign up with your personalized eGym bracelet and get started. A force measurement is done every 6 training sessions, so the weights are always appropriate for your strength level. In the first unit, the equipment will be paired with you by a trainer, after which you can complete your unit. Please register in advance. If questions arise, of course, trainers are always on site.

Bungee-Fitness: 4D PRO® Bungee-Fitness inspires more and more and soon you too! Reason are the swinging, jumping movements that make fun and desire for more. Almost like bungee - only without fear. The 4D PRO® bungee training is a serious workout, with which you quickly achieve success - from the little trained to the professional sportsman. Incidentally, the 4D PRO® bungee trainer was invented by a German sports doctor - Dr. med. Dr. Homayun Gharavi - with his innovative elastic sling trainer initially prepared international top athletes for competitions and still does today.


Central location in Hamburg. The Mundsburg station is 2 minutes away, a parking garage is adjacent, as well as parking in front of the door. Please bring a towel, change of clothes, training clothes and a smile.

Please also have 2 € with you for the rental fee of EMS clothing.


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      Winterhuder Weg 8, 22085, Hamburg

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