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Shorebreak Cologne Surf & Fitness

Fühlinger See 7 Surfen P8 , 50769, Köln

With the motto Nowavesnoproblem Shorebreak Cologne makes you fit. Because here, in addition to lots of fun, a unique, functional fitness training is offered, which is specially designed to prepare you for your next surf trip. In the same way you can collect your first surfing experiences at Shorebreak Cologne.

The perfect blend of a special power, endurance and coordination training, as well as real paddle feeling on and in the water, makes every workout a unique and individual experience for surfers and surf newbies. And best of all, you have the opportunity to finally get your board out of the basement, meet with like-minded people, have fun and experience a real surfing experience at home.

Whether Barrel Rider or absolute beginner, Shorebreak Cologne is for anyone who's heart is jumping when seeing a surfboard. It is also the perfect opportunity for those who have yet to be seized by the passion. Come by, experience real Aloha surf feeling and become part of our Cologne surf community. 'ike iā'oe - see ya!

You train together in the group. Everyone is welcome regardless of their level of fitness! You can swim? Perfect! So grab your sports and bathing suits, a towel, water and off you go! Surfboards and other equipment will be brought along.


During winter the training will take place on land. You are completely focused on surf-specific and functional training to build or improve your surfing skills. You need sports clothes, something to drink and a decent pack of motivation. The rest is provided!

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    Fühlinger See 7 Surfen P8 , 50769, Köln

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