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Cologne Pole Fitness

Kleine Witschgasse 8, 50676, Köln

At Cologne Pole Fitness in the city center, you will not only get classes in pole dance but a new love for your body on top of it! Trainer Céline Shabba Le Gall – half French, half Spanish – was a famous Burlesque dancer herself and will be your ultimate role model for self-confidence and feeling your body. In this precious studio in Cologne, which is still a real secret at the moment, you will strengthen your muscles as well as your confidence.


Before booking one of the classes, you have to take the class for beginners on Wednesday evening at 9 pm. After that, Céline will recommend the classes regarding your current level. This may not be booked over the app, call 0152 021 474 03 instead. Always arrive 10 minutes before classes start, don’t wear leggings but shorts and don’t moisturize right before the class. Good to know for everyone in Cologne: The studio is closed during carnival.


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