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Open Monday until Friday from 10.00 AM - 17.00 PM
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Capoeiraschule Arte Jogando Hamburg

Lerchenstraße 16c, 22767, Hamburg


In addition to various course locations in and around Hamburg, the Capoeira Academy, the CASA CAJOEIRO, is located in the middle of Hamburg St. Pauli. A perfectly large room offers all the possibilities for a modern Capoeiratraining!

The courses are very varied - in addition to classic Capoeira lessons, in which very technical sequences are always based on a balanced mix of general warm-up, agility and stabilization basics, intensive technical parts and the actual Jogo, the Capoeira game. Furthermore, the courses offered at the studio in Hamburg offer in-depth training in conditioning, functional training, nutrition, performance analysis as well as acrobatics and flore training. And, of course, music lessons twice a week.

The team at Contramestre Cobra is looking forward to seeing you! Whether advanced or beginner, reserve your course and come over!


In the heart of Hamburg St. Pauli you will find the CAJEOEIRO Academy, the Lerchenstudio - not far from the New Horse Market (U3 Feldstraße) - come in and find out! Axé, Capoeira Arte Jogando!

For the first training simply loose sportswear - if available white T-shirt, white pants - bring along, is trained in martial arts mainly barefoot and off you go!


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