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Open Monday until Friday from 10.00 AM - 17.00 PM
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Body Konzept Studio Ahrensburg

Große Str. 32, 22926, Ahrensburg

Welcome to the Body Concept Club

Achieve your goals! Together with the Body Concept Team. The success concept here is namely the personal care. Here, you are in the foreground and it is about your personal goals.
That's why you get a body concept check at the beginning so you can see where you stand. Then you share your goals and what you want to achieve. Body Concept Club ensures that you will achieve your goals then.

The sling training is suitable for anyone who wants to strengthen their back and their training stagnates. Whether recreational athletes, professional athletes or health athletes. This is your thing. Sling training combined with EMS training! So you benefit twice and train super effective.

For every fitness-lover with little time the effective and time-saving EMS training just the right thing. It is directed by the ingenious EMS-method exactly according to your training goals. EMS means electromyostimulation and stimulates your muscles with small electrical impulses. You will feel your muscles like never before. And best of all, it only takes 20 minutes.

Ever stood on a vibrating plate? Experience a vibration training of a special kind. Laser-controlled sensors calibrate the plate in the perfect position. From 25 - 50 Hz your muscles, especially the deep muscles, will be strengthened.

No big words, but results and the achievement of your goals. Test all the possibilities of the Body Concept Club and come over.


Please phone to book a class: 04102 8886195


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