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Multiple locations

The studio owner of JOTyoga is Simranjot Kaur and she was born in Hungary. She practices Kundalini Yoga and meditation in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan for six years. She has been teaching passionately in the Cologne area since 2014 - end of L1 training in the shunia center Cologne. Nowadays, she regularly runs four small classes (90 minutes) four times a week, offering workshops 2-3 times a month on Chakras, Ten Body, Akara Numerology, Invincible Life after GuruJagat and BreathWalks. She organizes regular new moon sister circles with heart meditation through the organization / Global Sisterhood and organizes the Healing Hands Seminars in Cologne for Lakhmi Chand Singh from Madrid, the founder of the Healing Hands Association in Spain. At full and new moon, she creates the space for the Aquarian Sadhana, which is "Yoga and Meditation at Dawn".

Most of the events take place at different locations in Cologne Downtown, in the summer also outdoors (see below), the current Chakra Workshop series in Rösrather Wandelraum and the BreathWalks in the Hoffnungsthal, about 15km from Cologne. Simranjot is also a musician, singer and rapper and plays the guitar (which is often used in her classes). Simranjot loves her profession because it is more than that for her. For her it is a vocation and she is happy to meet new wonderful people every time and to practice together in order to raise our individual and the consciousness of planet Earth.

Everyone is welcome in their classes. No matter how fit and yoga (un) experienced: Kundalini Yoga is suitable for everyone and will change your life.


The courses take place in different locations. Please pay attention to the address! Information and directions can be found below. Please try to avoid eating 2 hours before the course and max. 1 hour before best only something easy to take.

Thu. 19 clock: * Women's Advice Center *
The yoga room of the Frauenberatungszentrum is located directly at the Friesenplatz 9, on the 2nd floor. The entrance is to the right of Aspendos. The room is fully glazed to the street and there is a beautiful view of the vibrant life of the city center, but the large windows are extremely soundproof, so that you can meditate in peace. For practice there is a large room of approx. 40 sqm with wooden floor. There is also a small separate room of about 5 square meters, in which there is a tea kitchen. The entrance area is the cloakroom and dressing room, there is a toilet. In total, it is a mere 50 square meters.

Fri. 17.30: * Sanctuary *
Yoga mats, pillows and small blankets are available in the sanctuary. You just need to bring comfortable clothes. The sanctuary is located on the ground floor, the entrance is accessible from the corner Engelbertstrasse by a small black gate. From the energy we are well grounded and a large room of about 40 square meters is available with bright walls and wooden floor for our practice. There is also a small separate room of about 20 square meters, in which a kitchen to prepare tea or to be comfortable before or after the course on the sofa. The entrance area is the dressing room protected from the outside, there is a bathroom with shower and a separate toilet. In total there are 80 square meters of 2 rooms furnished with love.

Sun 10 am: * Aachener Weiher *
The course takes place near Aachener Weiher, opposite the Bachemer playground at the "Yogabaum". From the pond you walk towards Zülpicher Strasse, Unimensa and keep uphill on the way to the right. It is easy to find the geolink, otherwise orient yourself to the person with white headgear, because in summer there is e.g. a meadow still another yoga group. Please bring a mat, blanket and (if you want) a seat cushion. In addition, comfortable clothes and something to drink. Should it be 30min. Unfortunately, the course is canceled before it starts raining. This means real rain, not 2-3 droplets;) So far, the sky was definitely kept in tune.


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